Space Coast Foster and
Adoptive Families Alliance

Who is SCFAFA?

We are the Space Coast Foster and Adoptive Families Alliance (SCFAFA). We are a not for profit organization comprised of foster parents, adoptive parents, relative caregivers, and others in the community dealing with foster and adoptive children and their issues. As caregivers, the ones that work directly with the children, we have joined together to be a united voice for our children. Teamwork is essential between foster parents, adoptive parents, relative caregivers, the CBC, caseworkers, GAL's, and the community. In order to truly make a difference in our community and the lives of our children, we must work together. We are focused on offering support to one another, sharing success stories, problems, experiences and resources. Support is essential in both retaining and recruiting foster parents and adoptive homes.

We hope that by working as a team, we can better facilitate services to foster and adoptive children and those of us that love them, by working together towards the common goal of the children. Together we can become a strong voice and see positive change accomplished in the foster care system.


Be That Family?

Our Mission Statement: To provide the children of our community that are brought into the foster care system with a sense of comfort and independence as they arrive at their foster home.

Our Goal: Children in our community are entered into the foster care system at all times of the day and night. The majority of these children enter with absolutely nothing with them (i.e. shoes, change of clothing, toiletries). Children of all ages deal with this reality; from the baby leaving directly from the hospital with nothing except the hospital clothes they have on, to the teenager removed from their home at 3 a.m. with only their sleeping garments on.

Every child that has just endured the trauma of being removed from their home has now been taken out of their norm and thrust into a chaotic situation. During this chaos, the child certainly cannot comprehend enough to plan ahead for what they will need to grab. In order to make this necessary transition easier for them, #BethatFamilys goal is to ensure that each child that enters foster care will arrive at their foster home with an age appropriate bag to call their own.

Even though this is our main goal, we also believe that this will have the added benefit of helping the foster family that is taking them into their home by providing the basics that the child will need early on. Many people in our community have a desire to assist these children in need, but not all have the ability to become Foster Parents. There are numerous other ways to help. Our hope is to provide a means for those wishing to help; by providing either money or material goods in order to put together age and gender appropriate bags that can then be given to the child as they enter the foster care system and hopefully carry with them until the completion of their journey.

We ask, would you be that family? All donations go directly to the ministry to purchase the backpacks and items to go in them. We believe as a community we can stop the cycle of allowing the children to carry around a trash bag or enter care without anything.

We encourage you to gather your friends, family and/or church and have a backpack packing gathering. Every single backpack matters! For any information on how you can help please contact Jamie at or 904-316-4629. Please "like" us on Facebook! We keep up to date news about projects and fundraisers on there. FB: Be that family


Our Board

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Sandy Brock, Treasurer
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Jamie Russell, Member
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